16 Digital Marketing Tools to Help Grow Your Business Online

September 30, 2022, 11:30 am

Establishing a business online comes with its own set of challenges. You need to build a brand strategy, launch an e-commerce website, create a social media presence, connect with your audience… the list goes on. But don’t worry! The list of digital marketing tools available to help you grow online is just as extensive. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a well-known brand, you’ll need digital marketing tools to help you stand out and flourish online. There is a multitude of tools to choose from, but here are sixteen of what we think are essential to add to your digital marketing toolkit.  


1. Social Media

You’re spoilt for choice with so many social media marketing tools available today! Need help discovering fresh content? Or are you looking for tools to help manage and schedule posts? Here are some of our favourites to get you started:


We can’t stress this enough: managing all your social media marketing efforts in one place is a huge time-saver. And Buffer makes it so simple (and fun) with its clean and simple interface. Honestly, it’s a game-changer! From planning and scheduling to tracking performance and engaging with followers – Buffer really lets you do it all.


If you didn’t already know, Hootsuite is the world’s first social media management platform to ever exist. Launched over ten years ago, Hootsuite knows the ins and outs of social media management. Its famous dashboard interface makes it easy and fun to plan, create, and schedule content. You can also use Hootsuite to track the performance of your social media content from calculating ROI to tracking public conversations about your brand.


If you’re trying to grow your social presence primarily on Instagram, SkedSocial is the perfect tool for you. SkedSocial is an all-in-one Instagram tool that allows you to schedule posts, visualise, and plan your feed. It also allows you to publish to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Snapchat.


Post buzzworthy content with the help of BuzzSumo! This tool lets you discover what content is popular by topic. For content marketers, this tool is a must-have. Discover new keywords, find trending topics, and gather shareable content ideas that your audience will truly love! BuzzSumo also allows you to find influencers and other brands that are similar to yours – this is a great way to grow your connections.


MeetEdgar is a social media management tool that automatically curates your feed with fresh content and does the scheduling for you! It also lets you monitor and A/B test content, which makes it simpler to see what engages and excites your audience across different social networks.   

It’s more crucial than ever for businesses to develop a successful social media strategy that drives brand awareness and healthy ROI. To learn more about growing your business with social media, visit our Digital Service Page: Social Media Marketing.


2. Email Marketing and Email Automation Tools

For over a few decades, email has been one of the most effective ways to attract prospects and retain customers. And yes, email is still going strong and is here to stay. If you’re interested to learn more about email marketing, check out our blog article: Let’s Unpack the Importance of Email Marketing. For now, let’s take a look at a few email marketing and email marketing automation tools to help you plan and execute successful campaigns!


A longstanding digital marketing superstar, HubSpot is one of the most trusted customer relationship management (CRM) platforms today. But their product, HubSpot Email Marketing, is what we need to put a spotlight on. This tool makes it easy for digital marketers to send and automate emails. You won’t be disappointed with its drag-and-drop email builder, ready-made templates, and simple yet powerful scheduling and email automation systems.


Moosend is a user-friendly and affordable all-in-one email marketing and email marketing automation solution. Perfect for businesses that are just beginning to build their mailing list, Moosend is equipped with everything you need to kickstart your email marketing efforts. With Moosend, you can build beautiful, on-brand emails as well as optimise customer journey with its segmentation and personalisation capabilities. It also lets you keep track of your marketing campaign performance with real-time reporting and analytics!


Well-established in the email marketing world, MailChimp is a tool worth trying out. It’s an all-in-one email marketing and automation platform that allows you to manage mailing lists, build custom email templates, and orchestrate your email marketing campaigns! 

Every digital marketing strategy needs to include email marketing and email automation. With the right tools and know-how, email marketing can be an effective profit-building tool by providing subscribers with content that matters to them. Learn more on our Digital Services Page: Email Marketing.


3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tools

As the digital marketing landscape becomes increasingly competitive, SEO is crucial to keeping your brand seen and relevant. Optimise your SEO efforts and keep your website at the top of the search results pages with these SEO tools below. 


Tried and true, SEMrush is a powerful SEO tool to add to your belt. It allows you to take a deep dive into your target keywords by search volume, difficulty, CPC, and trend. You can also explore new search terms to rank for and uncover opportunities with the tool’s breakdown of keyword variations and related keywords.


AIOSEO is one of the most powerful WordPress SEO plugins in the market. It is chock-full of user-friendly features designed to help you easily optimise your website pages and all your content for search engines.


An SEO staple, Ahrefs makes it easy to discover keyword ideas and new opportunities for search. It also lets you check any URL’s top organic keywords and identify any website’s top-ranking content.

This type of competitive analysis can give you an SEO advantage when coming up with keywords to rank and content ideas for your own website. Ahrefs also makes it easy to spot any areas or content on your website that could use some jazzing up for search.

Practice search engine optimization or SEO to attract more high-quality traffic and grow your revenue over time. If you want to read more about improving online authority, visit our Digital Service Page: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  


4. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Tools

Drive high-quality traffic to your website that convert with CRO. There is a lot of work involved in optimising web pages and creating engaging content that appeals to the right audience. Luckily, there are a number of tools that can help make CRO a breeze!


Turn your web visitors into paying customers with Unbounce! Thanks to its landing page builder smart features, you can easily tweak, publish, and A/B test content to maximise results. Want to hear something cool? Unbounce combines data and AI to let you create custom landing pages quickly and easily – say goodbye to creative and writer’s blocks! If that doesn’t convince you to try Unbounce right now, we don’t know what will…


Once your landing page is built and your content is up to snuff, you now need to know where your visitors are and aren’t clicking. And there is a tool to help with that. Hotjar lets you get a real-time visual record of your web visitors’ actions and behaviours on your pages through heatmaps and screen recordings. They enable you to monitor and track how much your web pages are being viewed and how visitors interact with your site. You can literally see right there and then what needs to be tweaked to increase conversion. 

Google Analytics

This list isn’t complete without Google Analytics. It’s a powerful and user-friendly tool that every digital marketer needs to add to their toolkit. Best part? It’s totally free! With Google Analytics, you can track how long visitors stay on or bounce from your web pages. It also enables you to see if visitors complete specific goals from a path that you set, and how online users are getting to your website. 

When it comes to effective CRO, you need to make sure your website is working smarter, not harder. Attract visitors and keep them coming for more with not only beautiful, but relevant web content. Want to know more? Check out our Digital Service Page: Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).


5. Graphic Design Tools

Don’t overlook the power of good design when it comes to improving your digital marketing. And no, you don’t need to be a Photoshop guru to create beautiful content! Below are three user-friendly tools to help elevate your online presence with eye-catching graphic design!


Need to create a brand logo, graphics for social media, or maybe an email newsletter but don’t have much of a graphic design experience? Canva may be the tool for you! Canva is a graphic design platform that has made life easier for digital marketers, social media managers, and content creators. It includes free templates for any users to get creative! Pick and choose from a library of beautiful graphic elements and photos. It also allows you to use your own graphics if needed.


Venngage is an infographic creator for users of any design skill level! Create custom infographics or any other visuals for your website to engage visitors and entice clicks. With Venngage, you can customise any infographics with your own branding and using built-in graphics. Elevate the look of your website and improve clickthrough rate with good graphic design. There’s more to website design that meets the eye. Want to learn more or need resources? Visit our Digital Service Page: Performance Website Design


Growing online takes time and using the right tools for the job. It also takes the right people. If you’re looking for digital marketing experts to help with social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, conversion rate optimization, or website design, we can help! Visit our Digital Marketing Services page to learn more about what our team can do for your business or give us a call today to chat about your digital marketing goals

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