What Is A Landing Page?

Let Your Landing Page Do the Talking for You

A landing page is a single page on your website that is designed with a sole purpose in mind: to convert site visitors into leads.

Whether the objective is to collect contact information, encourage visitors to sign up to a newsletter or buy a product, your landing page should do the talking for you. It is essentially your digital salesman, so to speak. Work with us to design landing pages that give visitors the right impression of your brand and encourage them to perform a desired conversion action without sacrificing visual aesthetic, speed or performance.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

Convert Site Visitors Into Leads

Behind every successful marketing campaign is a visually-stunning landing page that is optimised for performance.

It is the page your visitors first land on when they click on your online ad. So it is important to hook them and grab their attention the moment they see the landing page. How? With a clear, concise message and, more importantly, a strong call to action.

An effective landing page should convince your visitors to keep scrolling and navigating your website. And, eventually, buy your product or use your service.

Our team will help you build landing pages that are not only visually appealing but also optimised to increase conversions and revenue.

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Solutions We Provide

Compelling Marketing Copy

Drive conversions with attention-grabbing copy that will compel your visitors to take a desired action.

Creative Landing Page Design

Crucial to an effective landing page is a beautiful and intuitive design. Your landing page design should draw visitors to your call to action.

Eliminate Customer Anxiety

When it comes to landing pages, we believe that less is more. We like to keep the layout simple and only leave what’s essential to help your visitors navigate the page with ease.

Search Engine Optimisation

We incorporate an on-page SEO strategy that addresses every stage of the marketing funnel to drive traffic and conversions to your site.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Increase your conversion rate by formatting your landing pages effectively and developing content that is engaging to your visitors

Experience in All Business Sizes

No business is too big or too small. We help all business sizes from start-ups, small businesses, SMEs to large ASX/NASDAQ-listed companies.

Landing Page Case Study


The Challenge: Designed Whitepapers for eFax products and service specific to different industry needs in the market. We designed and built landing pages for users to download the whitepapers.

The Solution: Graphic Design, Landing Page, Performance Website Design, Email Marketing

The Results: 68.45% Conversion Rate, 68.45% Bounce Rate

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Tony Benjamin

Voice of the Martyrs CEO / Executive Director

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Clinimed Marketing Executive

Steve Frost

Horizons Family Law Director

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Landing Pages FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?
Prices vary depending on technology, complexity and functionality. Our team can speak to you about your needs and recommend a price that works for your budget.

Why would I have a landing page?
Landing pages are great conversion tools for specific channels and keywords if done right. A landing page with an engaging design and content that speaks to a specific user intent will be more effective than pushing traffic to a generic page on your website. Also there are different types of landing pages depending on what your business’ goals are and what you are trying to get the user to do.

Are shorter or longer landing pages better?
We have found both long and short landing pages work well depending on the channel, content and action you want the user to take. For example, trying to get someone to buy a complex product might need a longer page to tell a story or explain why a customer should purchase, while an ebook download just needs a simple squeeze landing page.

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