What is Video Marketing?

Surprise And Delight Customers With Video

Video has increasingly become the most important medium to share a brand’s story. It is dominating all major social media platforms and is driving a significant amount of growth online for a lot of businesses today, big and small. It’s no secret: video popularity is on the rise. With that said, brands need to hone in on video marketing as an entire business marketing strategy. But what exactly is video marketing?

Video marketing is using videos to promote your products or services. Using the right approach, video can increase engagement and boost conversions on your digital channels – yes, especially on social media. Are you ready to dive into video marketing? Chat with our team of experts today about creating video content.

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

A Tale As Old As Time

Video creates an immersive experience for viewers. This isn’t a new concept. The combination of movement and sound in video provokes an emotional response. It draws people in. It lets your brand connect with customers in a more impactful way than with text or static images alone.

There’s a multitude of reasons why video is important. Here are three notable reasons. One: video gets more exposure and engagement simply because it captures a viewer’s attention for longer, making it a powerful sales tool. Two: it is an effective format to deliver engaging, personable content that is oh-so-easy to consume. Three: video appeals to ANYONE.

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Solutions We Provide

Full-Service Production

From writing scripts to editing, our team of experts can produce video content that will help drive your next campaign efforts. We make sure that the videos we produce are aligned with your overall strategy.

Push Boundaries With Video Ads

Want to take your online ads to the next level? Talk to us about integrating video ads in your next campaign. Watch that engagement rate rise!

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Videos are great for your website’s SEO. Let’s drive organic traffic by placing relevant video content to your web pages.

Videos for Social

Our team is well-versed in all things social! Engage your followers with bite-sized video content. From informative Q&A reels and product promo videos to live announcements and how-to videos, we’ve got you covered.

Content That Aligns With Your Values

Talk to our team of expert video producers about creating video content that communicates your core brand values whether that’s through a corporate video or a creative marketing promo.

Quick Turnaround

Do you have a last-minute video request? Our team is capable of turning around video projects quickly and efficiently.

Video Case Study

Voice of the Martyrs

From the Frontline is an online webseries of Voice of the Martyrs Australia. Each month, Tony and Ettienne provide all the latest updates and share stories from persecuted christians from the VOM Frontline. Our services are to provide concept development, on-site studio filming production, post-production editing, branding and logo design, landing pages, web graphics and promotional videos and materials for their Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channels.

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Linda Wallace


Tony Benjamin

Voice of the Martyrs CEO / Executive Director

Lee Murray

Clinimed Marketing Executive

Steve Frost

Horizons Family Law Director

Kerri O’Toole

Gordon Legal
Video FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of video is right for my business?
When deciding what kind of video to produce, you must first identify what your overall strategy is. Is it to generate traffic to your website? To build awareness via social media? To increase engagement? The kind of video you need to make will greatly depend on your strategy and where it will live online. Chat to us about what your business needs and we can build a powerful video campaign from there.

How much does a video cost?
Prices vary depending on technology, complexity, and functionality. Our team can speak to you about your needs and recommend a price that works for your budget.

How many videos should be produced for a campaign?
The number of videos to produce will depend on the goal of the campaign. If, for example, you want to show the value of your product and spark buzz, then you may want to create a set of a few or more videos that show the different advantages of this product. You also need to consider where the video will be consumed. If it’s primarily for social media use, then you may want to create a series of short videos that will keep your audience engaged on those platforms.

What kind of resources should I hire to produce a video?
If it’s a small project, then you could need a team of one or two people. If it’s a larger project, you could need a bigger team that includes producers, scriptwriters, directors, videographers, light and sound crews, actors, voice actors, graphic designers and animators. We know how overwhelming it can be to plan, manage and produce a video. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What is Video Marketing?
Video marketing is a powerful tool for any content strategy. It helps you show your company's expertise to potential customers and effectively communicate your brand message to increase overall brand recognition. At DGA, we have the in-house talent to make video marketing campaigns, create promotional and educational videos, and leverage other distribution channels to increase the reach of your videos.

What is Video Marketing Strategy?
A video marketing strategy takes the same planning as any other marketing strategy such as setting your brand goals, defining your audience, the types of video you want and where you want to share them to use the budget effectively and generate ROI.

Why is Video marketing important?
People watch billion of hours of video every single day. Furthermore, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. 3.78% of marketing professionals say videos have directly helped to increase sales, while 86 per cent also say that videos increased traffic to their website. Use the power of video marketing today with the help of the highly experienced video marketing team at DGA

What are some types of Video marketing?
explainer videos. product demonstration company culture video behind-the-scenes video customer testimonial video employee portrait video web series branded mini-documentary branded short film

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