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We Champion Your Business

Growth starts from within. At DGA, we foster a culture of trust, collaboration, and creativity. We are a forward-thinking digital marketing agency, passionate about helping businesses thrive in an increasingly complex digital landscape. Our team is composed of experts in digital conversion and strategy, web development, and graphic design. We love what we do. But even more than that, we love helping businesses grow.

Meet DGA Team

Vincent Flores

Digital Conversion Strategist

Studied Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at the University of Western Sydney and received Masters of Business Administration at Griffith University. Over 20 years of experience in the digital space. Loves board games, camping and basketball.

Honey Tabal

Digital Content Writer

Completed a Bachelor’s degree in Communication (Advertising and Public Relations) at the University of Western Sydney. Over 4 years of experience copywriting and developing content. Inspired by nature, and loves going snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the summer.

Arlon Tubongbanua

Web Developer

Studied Bachelor of science in Computer Science at the Gordon College, Olongapo City, Philippines. Over 3 years of experience in Web development. Loves cycling, freediving, mountaineering, camping and spending time with his dogs.

Leo Mamangun

Web Developer

Studied BS Information Technology at AMA Computer College. With 5 years experience in Front-end and Back-end Web development. Love travelling, hiking and going to the beach.

Buenjamin Diaz

Multimedia Content Creator
(Video and Music)

Studied Bachelor of Music and Masters of Education at the University of Western Sydney. An experienced teacher in music, film, and stage production. Loves the art of good storytelling and creating memories with family.

Angelica Flores

Project Coordinator and Digital Designer

Studied Bachelor of Design, Visual Communication at the University of Western Sydney. Has creative flair for Graphics Arts. Loves to play Tag football and sing.

Chrislevin Liam

Graphic Designer

Associate in Web Development Technology at AMACLC. Is interested in for artistic figures and abstract designs. Enjoys playing video games and watching movies and series.

Nikhil Negi

Social Media & SEO Specialist

Completed Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Creating content strategies and building brands with social media for 3+years. I Love traveling, working out, and watching movies.

Why DGA Digital

Growing Australian Businesses Just Like Yours

Growth Focused

We focus on SME growth and understand your business. We know what levers to pull to get maximum results.

Performance & Data

We know that ROI is important, so we make every marketing dollar count. We specialise in conversion, which means more revenue.


We educate you along the way, so you know exactly what is happening and help you build up you and your teams skills.


Not all businesses are the same, we cater all our solutions to meet your business shot and long term goals.


Over 10 Years of experience over multiple industries and different business sizes.

Budget Conscious

Our custom solutions are made to suit your budget, whether you’re just starting or looking to expand to the next level.

Technology Agnostic

We find the right technology to suit your business goals and infrastructure

Account Manager

You will have a single point of contact to make it easier for you to get approval and make changes.

We Come Highly Recommended!

Linda Wallace


Tony Benjamin

Voice of the Martyrs CEO / Executive Director

Lee Murray

Clinimed Marketing Executive

Vivek Sood

Ignite National Marketing Manager at Ignite Recruitment & Technology Solutions

Steve Frost

Horizons Family Law Director

Kerri O’Toole

Gordon Legal

Let’s Have a Chat

Book a Chat Call Us On 1300 356 204
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