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What Is Remarketing?

Say Goodbye To The One-Size-Fits-All Method

Remarketing allows you to re-target and re-engage visitors who have already shown interest in your website, products or services. When done right, remarketing will guide these visitors to the conversion action you want them to take. In essence, remarketing is the personalisation of marketing. There are a lot of different engines and ways to approach effective remarketing strategies. And it can get technical. Our team knows remarketing back to front. So sit back, relax, and let us do the hard work for you.

Why Is Remarketing Important?

Cut Through The Information Overload

In today’s age, customers are tech-savvy and content-hungry. Businesses all over the world churn out their “latest and greatest” systematically to meet online demands. This means customers are overloaded with millions of new information each day and are faced with more purchase decisions than ever before.

With so much competition for attention, a personalised online experience has increasingly become more crucial.

Our team develops remarketing campaigns that allow you to tailor your marketing and advertising efforts to cut through the noise, be heard and make a profound impact. We have the tools to serve your customers personalised experiences that compel them to reconnect with your brand and make a purchase or interact with your products.

Business Growth Starts Here

Solutions We Provide

Personalised Experiences

Reconnect with your visitors by serving them personalised experiences that encourage them to take the final step in their customer journey.

Keep It Fresh

Our team will test and monitor performance regularly to ensure that your remarketing messages stay fresh and unique to stand out from the competition.

Optimise Your Funnel

We work end-to-end to make sure that each stage of your remarketing campaign addresses every point of the marketing funnel for increased engagements, sales and customer retention.

Maximise Ad Spend

Your personalised ads will be targeted and only serve the customers who want to see those ads. Customers are more likely to click on personalised ads. This means you’ll be spending less advertising dollars for more qualified traffic.

Finding the Right Technology

Our team is equipped and experienced to run remarketing campaigns on all major platforms.

Experience With All Business Sizes

No business is too big or too small. We help all business sizes from start-ups, small businesses, SMEs to large ASX/NASDAQ-listed companies

Remarketing Case Study

Digital Sense

The Challenge: Create a marketing campaign to promote Cloud migration ebook. A creative concept to cut through the market and still speaks to B2B consumers. 

The Solution: Animated Display Ads created for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. Additionally, We created a landing page where they can download the eBook.

Results: 52.14% Impressions, $38.69 Cost per 1000 Impressions

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Linda Wallace


Tony Benjamin

Voice of the Martyrs CEO / Executive Director

Lee Murray

Clinimed Marketing Executive

Steve Frost

Horizons Family Law Director

Kerri O’Toole

Gordon Legal
Remarketing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is remarketing?
Prices vary depending on complexity and platforms you want to reach. Our team can speak to you about your needs and recommend a solution. that works for your budget

What platforms do you run remarketing campaigns on?
Paid search follows a pay-per-click model. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad. Prices vary depending on technology, complexity and functionality. Our team can speak to you about your needs and recommend a price that works for your budget.

What metrics will you report on when reviewing performance?
Reporting is a key aspect of any campaign. With display ads, we make sure we report on cost per thousand impressions (CPM) so you can understand how many people have seen your ads. We can also report on end-to-end conversion by reporting on cost per lead and cost per aquisition.

Do you do HTML5 ads?
Yes! We can definitely do HTML5 ads across different platforms. With HTML5 ads, we add gifs and static ads as a failsafe for devices that may block HTML5 ads.

How do you make sure our budget is used effectively?
With remarketing, we have different levers we can push and pull. Since all users have already visited your site, we can use different platforms like Google Display Network, Facebook or LinkedIn to get in front of them again. Our strategy depends on your budget, goals and your audience segment.

How often will users see my ads?
This will vary depending on the segment, budget and platform. But our objective is to have a frequency of 15-20 times in a 30-day period.

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