What Is Graphic Design?

Give Visual Emphasis to Your Brand Message

Text alone is not enough to get your message across to your audience. Seeing is believing. As cliché as it may be, this rings true as we use our eyes to make sense of our surroundings. Good graphic design has the power to attract, incite emotions and make a lasting impression.

Don’t just let your messaging paint a picture for your customers. Make your brand stand out and your marketing memorable with great graphic design that gives visual emphasis to your message. We have a team of expert graphic designers that can help start integrating on-brand graphic design throughout your marketing efforts.

Why Is Graphic Design Important?

Visual Content Converts Faster Than Text

Our brain translates visual content 60,000 times faster than text alone. Good graphic design cuts through the noise and makes your brand more recognisable, and your marketing more memorable.

Graphic design is more than just a composition of typography, imagery, colour and form. Graphic design has the power to convey messages to customers clearly and in compelling ways.

When done thoughtfully and tastefully, graphic design can create a more memorable brand experience.

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Solutions We Provide

Full-Service Graphic Design

Our team of expert designers can help you build brand assets and guidelines from the ground up. We make sure these are aligned with your overall strategy and brand identity.

Be More Memorable

Grab the attention of potential customers and create a lasting impression with graphic design that gives emphasis to your marketing message.

Creative Solutions

Whether it’s for email, social media or display banners, we can help you craft creative design solutions that will make your campaigns pop, attract potential customers and drive revenue.

Visual Style That Suits Your Values

Our team of expert graphic designers can create a strong brand identity with a focus on a visual style that aligns with your core brand values.

Online and Offline

While we are first and foremost a digital marketing agency, we specialise in creating impactful graphic design for both online and offline channels.

Quick Turnaround

We understand that some unforeseen projects can arrive at the eleventh hour. Our team is capable of turning around projects quickly and efficiently.

Graphic Design Case Study

Voice of the Martyrs

The Challenge: Reviving the look and feel of VOM Monthly Newsletter. Bringing a modern style to the brand for more appeal to young and middle age audiences. This new style will inspire more content eg. VOM App, VOM Blogs, VOM Video Series

The Solution: Modern designs for VOM Website, Landing Pages, Introduction of VOM App and VOM Video Programme

Results: 68.36% Conversion Rate

We Come Highly Recommended!

Linda Wallace


Tony Benjamin

Voice of the Martyrs CEO / Executive Director

Lee Murray

Clinimed Marketing Executive

Steve Frost

Horizons Family Law Director

Kerri O’Toole

Gordon Legal
Graphic Design FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your graphic design services?
Prices vary depending on the project. Our team can speak to you about your needs and recommend a price that works for your budget.

Do you build brand guidelines?
Yes! A brand isn’t just the logo or a mark, but we create an overall guideline so what your brand is trying to communicate is consistent across all mediums both online and offline.

Can you conduct an in-depth creative audit?
Yes! When we start a new partnership with an organization, we can conduct a creative audit that will provide our team with a landscape of what has been done in the past. From there, we create a plan to consolidate everything and make sure all assets are both on-brand and effective.

Can you do infographics?
Yes, infographics are a key part of any business to help communicate a process or flow to its users. We can create graphics that will help communicate your message, from simple illustrations to complex technical diagrams. Reach out and we’ll see which approach will help communicate your business message.

Do you offer printing?
If you require printing of your designs or assets, just reach out and we can liase with our partnering printing business to get this done and delivered to you.

Can you do illustration or motion graphics?
Yes! We have a talented team of illustrators and animators in-house so we can create the right customized graphic for your needs.

Who owns the rights once the design is finished?
You own the rights to your finished project upon receipt of the final payment. At your request, we will supply the electronic files to you on dropbox, or through e-mail. We also keep a copy of your project on file for later updates or changes in case you lose your copy.

How do I choose the best graphic design agency in Sydney?
How do I choose the best graphic design agency in Sydney? Choose the agency which focuses on these critical graphic design areas. Creativity -To make your graphic stand out, especially in a digital space, your design must have a creative angle and is unique. Purpose - Is your graphic design using the right imagery for your target audience? What is the aim and purpose of your design? Does the design reflect brand guidelines and use brand assets? Clarity - An amazing-looking graphic design can also fail if the product image or offer is not clear. Clarity and a clear call to action are the keys. At Digital Growth Agency, we take that extra time to step back and analyse the graphic design in these three key areas to ensure successful campaigns.

Why does your business need graphic design services?
A graphic designer brings an in-depth knowledge of design, elements and principles of graphic designing, as well as the software skills required to do the job. From brochures, presentation folders, flyers, annual reports, posters, catalogues and stationery, our graphic design team can create and design professional physical marketing collateral for any occasion and industry. In addition, we can produce powerful digital and social media posts, social content, explainer videos, sales videos and web design.

Why should you choose DGA over other agencies to do the design work?
With an exceptional team of designers, we bring a broad experience and knowledge to your design project. We helped many Australian businesses succeed and gain a competitive advantage. We are a team of creatives and know how to solve a client's design problems.

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