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Grow Traffic Services For Your Business

Do you have your business website set up, but are not sure how to generate more traffic? Chat to our team about your challenges and goals. We work end-to-end to help you find the right tools and develop strong, effective marketing strategies. This is to ensure that we drive more qualified traffic to your website and bring your business the best ROI and performance. Here are a few ways we can help:

What Is Web Traffic?

Gain More Visitors To Your Website

Web traffic refers to users who visit a site. Traffic is measured in visits, which show how effective a business is at attracting an audience.  An essential part of growing web traffic is the process of web optimisation, also referred to as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This includes a set of practices that improve the appearance, clarity and structure of web pages to boost visibility and drive your business’ goals. It also involves paying for digital ads, also known as  pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

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Why Is Growing Traffic Important?

The Benefits Of Growing Web Traffic

More important than bringing in a large audience is bringing in the right audience. The more long-term benefits of growing web traffic comes from focusing on the people who you are aiming to reach.

Optimising your web pages to increase traffic among your target groups will result in:

Increased engagement
Extending how long your users stay and how much they engage (through clicks) with content on your web pages.

Boosted conversions
A conversion is when a visitor to your website completes a desired goal. For online businesses, this refers to converting visitors into leads or customers that go on to complete a sale, measured by conversion rate.

Digital sense website
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Digital Sense


We developed a great partnership with DGA, and their dedication to our business is evident in all aspects of our digital marketing and websites. We appreciate their fast
turn-around time, transparency and open communication when working end-to-end on web and design projects together.

How Do We Grow Your Website Traffic?

Systematic, Scientific and User-Centric Approach To Improve Web Traffic

With our digital strategy and site design expertise, we will work with you to:

Maximise Ad Spend
Your personalised ads will be targeted and only serve the customers who want to see those ads. Customers are more likely to click on personalised ads. This means you’ll be spending less advertising dollars for more qualified traffic.

Display Ads, Where They Are Wanted
Increase brand awareness and keep potential customers wanting more by getting your products and services sponsored on the right platforms. Through strategic ad placement, we will make every cent of your ad budget count.

Quality Over Quantity
We have a well of consumer data that we can use to develop targeted PPC campaigns. A sure-fire way to engage potential customers and drive quality traffic to your website.

Why DGA Digital

Growing Australian Businesses Just like Yours

Growth focus icon
Growth Focused

We focus on SME growth and understand your
business. We know what levers to pull to get
maximum results.

Performance and data
Performance & Data

We know that ROI is important, so we make every marketing dollar count. We specialise in
conversion, which means more revenue.

Transparency icon

We educate you along the way, so you know
exactly what is happening and help you build
up you and your teams skills.

Personalised icon

Not all businesses are the same, we cater all
our solutions to meet your business shot and
long term goals.

Experienced icon

Over 10 Years of experience over multiple
industries and different business sizes.

Budget conscious icon
Budget Conscious

Our custom solutions are made to suit your
budget, whether you’re just starting or
looking to expand to the next level.

Technology agnostic icon
Technology Agnostic

We find the right technology to suit your
business goals and infrastructure

Account manager icon
Account Manager

You will have a single point of contact to
make it easier for you to get approval and
make changes.

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